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Why Join the International X-ray Absorption Society

By Joining the IXAS and supporting it with 30 Euros for a 3-year membership, you help support the the Awards given out at each XAFS Conference (see IXAS Awards). Your support also helps with the costs of hosting the IXAS web pages. By joining the IXAS, you will receive a generous discount on registration fees for the XAFS Conferences.

The IXAS Web pages include tutorials and useful resources for X-ray absorption spectroscopies. The IXAS also works with the IUCr XAFS commission to help organize Q2XAFS meetings to help advance the state-of-the-art of XAS methods, and to help identify and recommend best-practices and reporting and communicating about XAS and related methods.

If you are interested in helping out, contact one of the members of the IXAS Executive Committee

The IXAS Executive Committee has representatives from 3 geographical regions: IXAS members can vote for representatives on the Executive Committee for their region (as well as Vice-Chair and Treasurer). When you join the IXAS, you can choose which region you are in. It does not have to be the region of your current affiliation or of your country of origin.